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Key Features



  • Exmor R CMOS sensor achieves 10X better sensitivity compared to

           the 630 series.

  • Advanced IR technology captures both near and far objects with little

           to no overexposure, with a range of up to 328 feet.

  • View-DR expands dynamic range for significantly improved imaging in

           high-contrast and strongly backlit scenes, like sundrenched offices or car

           park entrances.

  • Image stabilization keeps video images crisp and clear, even when the

           camera is subject to vibration on a mounting pole or bracket.

  • Unique View DR allows both shutters to drop to same lower shutter speed

           for better sensitivity

  • Visibility Enhancer (VE) technology optimizes contrast and makes a scene

           more visible. It’s ideal for scenes where objects are hard to recognize due to

           severe backlight or shadows. VE optimizes the brightness and color

           reproduction of an image dynamically on a pixel-by-pixel basis while

           continuously adapting to the scene

  • XDNR (eXcellent Dynamic Noise Reduction) technology for clear images with

           virtually no motion blur under low-light conditions

  • DEPA Advanced Intelligent Video Analytics to trigger an alarm based on

           user-defined rules like passing, intrusion, object removed/left behind, face


  • Advanced IR technology to provide high-quality IR images without

           overexposure, providing clear B/W images of close and distant objects

  • Unique camera arm design to easily install the camera and easily adjust

           the viewing angle

  • Easy Zoom/Easy Focus for easy installation

  • Power over ethernet capability – IEEE 802.3af compliant

  • SD card slot with edge notification capability*

  • IP66 rated weather-resistant, IK08 impact resistance

  • Picture mode feature allows users to easily adjust camera settings based

           on scene requirements

  • VBR (variable bitrate) capable of maximum bitrate setting or CBR

           (constant bitrate) compression mode selectable to correspond with various

           network conditions

  • Smartphone viewer to display an image of the camera on the smartphone’s

           screen and control the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom functions by simple

           touch-panel manipulation

  • ONVIF™ (Open Network Video Interface Forum) Profile S-conformance

           firmware that ensures greater interoperability and more flexibility in

           building multi-vendor systems

SONY IP Camera SNC-EB642R        

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